Bluetooth LED Dancing Water Sound System (Case)

Bluetooth LED Dancing Water Sound System (Case)

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Let our LED Dancing Water Bluetooth Sound System whisk you away with the hypnotizing motion of dancing water and striking bright lights. This multimedia system is ideal for entertaining your guests and bringing more excitement and appeal to any event. This unit is more than just an amazing party speaker system. While this multimedia system is wonderful for entertaining guests, it is also the ideal companion for rest and relaxation. The reactive lights and dancing water streams will lull you into a peaceful state of mind.

Item includes: 1 sub-woofer and 2 satellite water speakers

Item measures:
Subwoofer: 8.5″ Width, 12.5″ Height, 4.5 lb. Weight
Satellite Speakers: 3.5″ Width, 10.5″ Height. 1.0 lb. Weight

2 Pieces Per Case

PrizeHub Case Price: $180.00 (Just $90.00 Per Piece!)